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Don’t be a Copy of a Copy! Should you differentiate or distinguish? With special guest Stella Gianotto, BrandForBrands

February 28, 2021

Small Biz Matters – #198 Providing the small business community with educational content and advocacy since 2014
with Alexi Boyd, broadcaster, advocate and small business owner.
Date: 28 February 2021

With more and more small businesses becoming fluent with social media landscape (and all of it’s platforms) we find ourselves in a changing world where we used to dominate with thousands of views and have become almost invisible.

As small businesses,competition can drive us to be unique, genuine and clarify what you offer to your clients but it can also make us fearful of change. A dip in our engagement numbers can signal a change in the landscape; perhaps a competitor is muscling into your territory and grabbing your likes followers?

So what can you do about it?

Stella Gianotto is an expert in brand recognition, helping retail business increase market share by creatively using data to futurize their customer experience, and she’s joining us to explain the difference between differentiating or distinguishing so you can avoid being a copy of a copy!

Primarily we are talking about how to create differentiation for your brand of your business, to achieve distinction or to be distinguished.

  • What is the definition of differentiation for a brand or a business? VS What is the definition of distinction?
  • How can a small business achieve differentiation in the absence of a big budget?
  • How many ways are there to achieve differentiation for a small business?
  • Has branding only been reserved for larger business, global brands, and the elite?
  • What can a small business do right now to start to create differentiation for their brand?
  • Does differentiating a brand increase revenue?

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About our Guest:

With 25 years’ experience as a Branding Expert and the Creative Director at the Brand for Brands Agency (a family owned business co-founded with her sister Joanne Gianotto), Stella Gianotto has delivered over 1,000 brands globally, received multiple business awards including Best Brand Agency Sydney 2019.

Stella is a multi-award-winning Creative Director and the go-to Branding Expert, working with businesses to create brands for a purpose, profit or a legacy. She is demystifying what branding “really” is, educates us on what branding “actually” does and makes branding accessible for business across various industry segments.

This has led to wide ranging recognition including multiple business and design awards, including being awarded BEST BRAND AGENCY in Sydney 2019. Her brands have even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show!!!

Stella’s industry presence and expertise has led to her contribution to several books, Keeping Retail Alive, Marketing Brands Made Easy, Social Media Marketing: Write Up Your Tweet and Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business.

Stella also contributes to media including articles’, podcasts and video presentations: SME Experts Show with Mark Boris, SME TV and Podcasts, Daily Telegraph, Business Daily, The Shaker, Oxygen Magazine, Start-up Daily Australia; Dynamic Small Business Australia; Australian Business Solutions Magazine, Australia Post Priority Magazine; CEO Blog Nation and Marketing Space to name a few.

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